about 2rules
The philosophy is based on two rules: courage and intelligence
Courage is about self-confidence and freedom. We know that clothes are not just things in your wardrobe, they are a way to express yourself. It is an immediate language.
We want our clothing to help create an image of a successful, daring and sexy personality, with a strong character and high professionalism. It is supposed to declare good sense of style of the wearer.
The 2RULES‎ brand was born in 2023 in Dubai. BRAND values:
Intelligence is about awareness in dressing up. We support the idea of buying one perfectly tailored dress instead of ten intricate designs.
We urge you to abandon the mass market, do not support «fast» fashion and consciously approach the filling of your wardrobe. This is how we take a step towards reducing waste and conserving our planet's resources.
We love what we do to the point of madness
we do not create a seasonal wardrobe
we pay a lot of attention to the details that will make you stand out from the crowd
we are sincere with you
we make for you as if for ourselves
we value your time, we make shopping easy
2RULES — be brave and be free. Act despite all the obstacles!